Facebook how to increase battery life iPhone and Android smartphone

Facebook: how to increase battery life iPhone and Android smartphone

Facebook how to increase battery life iPhone and Android smartphone
The publication conducted an experiment during which found a way to save up to 15% charge on iPhone and up to 20% in the case of Android-smartphone. It’s enough to delete the Facebook app, and to renounce the use of social networks is not necessary.

The Facebook app has been repeatedly accused of excessive energy consumption, and a separate study – for example, the AVG rating, indicate that this is the most greedy program in principle. Journalist Samuel Gibbs (Samuel Gibbs) deleted the Facebook app, but instead began to use the web version of the social network in the same amount as the official client (Messenger he did not delete). On average, he managed to keep about 15% charge iPhone 6s Plus a 15-hour day. 6P on the Nexus he replaced the Facebook app on a third-party client Metal (Play Store), which retained about 20% charge per day.
How to make “app” from the website

Mobile browsers have a useful function – providing direct links to the desktop. Will do it with social media.

iOS Safari: go to the main page of Facebook, click “Share” select “On the Home screen, click “Add”. Ready. Android, Chrome: go to the main page Facebook, press the “Menu” button, select “Add to home screen”, click “Add”. Ready. This method will allow you to save battery of the smartphone is greater, the more active user of Facebook you are.

Of course, to use the social network in the browser not so conveniently, but the battery life will be important. And don’t forget to delete the app or disable if the official client is part of the stock firmware in an Android smartphone. It would also free space in the device memory.
Facebook how to increase battery life iPhone and Android smartphone
Client Facebook is one of the most popular apps on almost all platforms – according to the latest data, 745 million daily mobile access to social networking, that is more than half of the monthly audience.

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